Union of the Somali Cooperative Movement is a national federation of grassroots membership cooperatives of six major sectors (Agriculture Cooperative Union, Fishery Cooperatives, Livestock, Forestry and Incense Cooperatives Union, Small Industries and Handcrafts Cooperative Union, Transportation and Construction Cooperative Union, Consumer and Service Cooperative Union) mostly are worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces that support the reconstruction, growth and continued development of sustainable livelihood and poverty reduction in Somalia.
UDHIS were established on January 8th 1978, the result of several years of organizing on the part of worker cooperatives and regional groups from around the country. Our members are workplaces of all sizes and a broad variety of industries, from across the country, and our member workplaces comprise more than 45,300 individual workers.
The UDHIS connects its members to each other and to cooperative support organizations. The organization provides technical assistance and resources to its members and the public, puts on public educational events like conferences and workshops, publishes a quarterly newsletter, maintains libraries and databases of resources both physical and online, and initiates projects to benefit its members and the larger worker cooperative community.
We are led by a member-elected board of directors, Chairman, two Vice Chairman, and a Secretary General and 5 staff consisting and a Membership Director.


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