(UDHIS) has today presented a donation of empty bags and medicines undertaken by the flooding river to the Middle Shabelle Region.
Mohamed Abukar Afrah , Chairman of UDHIS said the donation ceremony, said that the donation is collected within the movement is not the last of the group to reach the town / center.
Abdqadir Abdulle Buurfuule , Commissioner of Jowhar district thanked the Union of Somali cooperative movement (UDHIS) in aid pledged their town.
Also speaking at the vice president of the Social Security of Middle Shabelle Region
Mahmud Osman ,Mentioned described the donation is a happy man as the Somali famine and not aid from foreign countries.
Ultimately, said on the occasion the acting Middle Shabelle Region Ahmed Meyre Makaran said that the Somali Cooperatives are Source power working developing the country,

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