Objectives of UDHIS

There are three main objectives of the cooperatives; first to highlight the Union of the Somali cooperative movements which is the main backbone of the production of the country, secondly to underline the difficulties happened at the destructive period of the civil war, thirdly to arrange ways of re-establishment a strong cooperative union capable of handling all actives previously done by union of the Somali cooperative.
1. To enlighten the activities conducted by union of the Somali cooperative;
2. To reduce youth unemployed due to job creation;
3. To improve the living stander of Somali people;
4. To participate reconstruction and economic development sectors of Somalia;
5. To establish a strong union which has one power full voice;
6. To benefit the power of Somali productive community as form of cooperative;
7. To cooperate with National and international cooperatives involve the cooperative issue.