Role of Cooperatives

Cooperatives are a perfect antidote to conflicts and poverty in Somalia

The role of Cooperatives towards Somali’s Economic Recovery Plan is unique model for peace building and community reconstruction in their capacity and how Somalis can invent new “Made in Somalia” solution in very short time. This model of post conflict solution is real and only needs adaptability for handling of today’s reality that can be frame work for many other economic solutions (Poverty reduction, job creation and economic rights) in post conflict Somalia. Furthermore, tribalism which destabilize Somalia and all efforts of advancement in socio-economic conditions in Somalia. However, Somali Cooperatives story is essential to understand how they come to invent their conflict resolution without any peace keeping while their clans are continuously at war in Somalia. Somali Cooperatives economic model is an example to many emerging post conflict communities live social cohesion in many parts and regions in Somalia.

Therefore, at core principle like this where vast majority of post conflict communities of Somalia are seeking to establish their own conflict resolution, learn good governance models, civic participation and acknowledged genuinely responsibilities of Somali’s civic institution. While Somalis are living unacceptable and appalling conditions in all aspects of life in many part of Somalia, The cooperative economic model is playing a major role to reduce inequality, promote productions and peace-building institutions in many part of post conflict Somalia.

The co-op model is the best model to succeed Somali’s Economic Recovery Plan, as it still incentivizes workers and rural communities to do the best they can for a positive and sustainable living environment or a lucrative business while also doing away with the tribalism and disunity that is an unnecessary drain on productivity, financial and emotional vitality. It’s the best solution for poverty and inequality, two of the most common byproducts of Tribalism in Somalia.