Our Programs & Services

UDHIS provides a full co-operative and enterprise development service. Where funding is available we will offer this service free at the point of delivery. However, such funding is limited.Some of the services we provide:

  • Promotion of co-operative values and principles
  • Network Coop to Coop business service (export market)
  • Information on co-operative and collective enterprise options available
  • Identification of aims and suitable form of co-operative and social enterprise to meet needs
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Market strategy development
  • Cooperative marketing and collective purchasing power
  • Start-up Cooperative development support
  • Business planning and business development support
  • Identification of appropriate forms of cooperative and finance
  • Registration consultancy – drafting the correct legal structure and assisting with registration (legal and policy framework)
  • Training of Trainer services – from a range of courses to workshops sessions meeting cooperative/client needs
  • Affordable Housing model
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy Service (Solar, Biogas, Wind)
  • Strategies to Economic Recovery (local, regional and national level)
  • Forestry training and Eco-Tourism
  • Accountancy and financial advice
  • Start-up Micro Finance, Credit Union and Insurance

For more information on accessing our services please