Consumer and Service Cooperative Union

Consumer and Service Cooperative Union is to improve retail trade services to the consumer and to reorganize retail trade in Somalia, UDHIS promotes the establishment of consumer and service cooperatives union in federal, state and local throughout Somalia. Consumer cooperatives will have cooperative shops which carry out their business in open market and in contract to supply with the government wholesale trade procurement model. Small private shopkeepers shall be encouraged to join consumer cooperatives that are to collectively contribute to economic recovery, into the cooperative pool and to become employees of the consumer cooperatives. Also in other branches of the Somali economy as for instance Food cooperatives, Fruits and Nutrition Food shops.

UDHIS’s marketing Co-operative is a special form of service co-operative which specializes in providing its members with marketing services. So important is marketing to all forms of enterprise but especially to small and medium size businesses, that this particular form of service co-operative has received special attention in Somalia.

UDHIS can organize wide ranging, reflecting the different needs of the members which they serve. These include:

  • Collective purchasing of raw materials to ensure supply and benefit from discounts
  • Taking on the lease of premises for joint occupancy (e. g. craft centres)
  • Running training schemes
  • Management Agencies (e.g. actors)
  • Office and Communications Services (e.g. Taxi Drivers)
  • Collective Marketing

Secretaries of State shall issue special decrees or regulations for cooperatives in these economic branches.